Where do Kibana stored dashboards, saved searches, visualization reports?


I would like where the Kibana stored all the user saved configurations such as dashboards/saved searches/visualization reports.

Can we configure Kibana to store these configurations in RDS or S3 or any shared file system?

My intention is to have multiple Kibana instances running to different systems to handle 100+ users behind the load balancer. So that user configuration created on one kibana instance should be automatically available in other Kibana instances (like Kibana cluster feature).

Please suggest.

It stores most of it in ES, in the .kibana index.


It stores it in ES, so you get that anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response. so we need to ensure that we store .kibana index data forever, right? otherwise we might loose the user saved configurations.

You should make sure you take backups then :slight_smile:

But as long as your cluster is up and no one deletes the data, it will exist.

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