Where are the Rally node-stats saved?

I must be missing something obvious. I turned on the node-stats telemetry for my benchmark test. Only process stats are turned on and I can change the log levels to DEBUG and see that the calls are being made during my test.

However, I have no idea where this data is actually going except for the rally logs. I don't see anything in the Rally docs for node-stats that discusses where the actual output is saved or how to view and compare it.

I apologize if I'm missing something super simple. Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @toddschilling,

Thanks for using Rally! If you haven't already, make sure you set up a dedicated metrics store (doc). You will then find captured node stats in the rally-metrics-* indices in documents where "name" is "node-stats"

Hope that helps
Rick B

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Thanks @RickBoyd. Ok that's super straightforward. I'm not surprised that the answer is right there in the top level docs. :laughing:

Thanks again!

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