Where can I find list of alerts

Hello guys,

I am trying to build a kibana application based in alerts and I've 2 questions:
1- Where can I find the list of alerts created by Watchers in elasticsearch ?
2- Is there a specific index name which stores the alerts ?

Thanks for advance ^^

create index in management

You mean an index pattern ? :thinking:

I think you should take a look at management - elastic search - watcher. There you find a list of all watchers. I am not shure but I don't think that there is a specific index where the events are stored by default, they might just be accesible by this very page. However, you can set up the error monitoring of all watcher by yourself.

Yes I know :wink:

So you are not sure !
Thanks anyway ^^

I don't know 'caus we are using Elastic cloud enterprise and by default it was not the case. We enterd this in the actions field for every watcher and set up a seperate index.

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