Where can I find the "Index Pattern" in the console command?


Where can I find the "Path" in the console to the index patterns?

By path I mean something like this: /usr/share/kibana/

By index pattern I mean: humhub-2019.0*

Thank you

Hey @Rosho, index-patterns are not stored on the Kibana server's filesystem. Instead, they are persisted to a document in the .kibana_* indices (which the .kibana alias points at). You can interact with all saved-objects in Kibana using the UI or the Saved Object APIs.

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Hi @Brandon_Kobel

My situation is the following: I have a virtual machine with Elasticsearch and Kibana. It is a virtual machine because I do not want to mess up with the production servers.
Now I need to send some logs to it. I thought that I could just use an SFTP server and send them. But I do not know where to send them.

Kibana reads all of it's data from Elasticsearch. You'll need to ingest your logs into Elasticsearch to use them with Kibana. Elasticsearch uses a restful HTTP API for inserting documents, but you can various Beats to ship your logs into Elasicsearch. I'd recommend starting by taking a look at Filebeat.

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