Where does the documents and segments are present in the system

Hi team,

I got one doubt while I was exploring on how documents are retrieved based on the search query. Then I came to know that the search query will be given to the shards in the cluster of the nodes by the one of the nodes(master node I guess). Then from shard to segments then segments will return the appropriate documents ids. Then master node will bring the documents based on the ids. In order to retrieve the documents where does these documents, segments are present?From where the master node bringing the documents.

Are they present inside shard.if so where shards are present in the system?

Where documents and segments are present?
From where the master node getting documents based on the ids.

Can someone help me to understand this.

Thanks for your help.

I'd recommend reading Distributed Document Store | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic

Although it's old, it is still accurate IMHO.

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