Where is the Custom plugins page (to upload synonyms)?

We've pepared azip-file with internal structure

└── dictionaries
    └── synonyms.txt

We can't find "Custom plugins page" for uploading the synonyms.txt which is described in the following URL:


Upload your files

You must upload your files before you can apply them to your cluster configuration:

Log into the Elasticsearch Service Console.
Go to the Custom plugins page. 

How to upload synonyms?


Assuming this is ECE, there is not currently an upload page (That's a cloud only feature, though we're working on bringing it across to ECE)

The process of adding a bundle to ECE is described in passing in the LDAP/SAML docs, eg https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud-enterprise/current/ece-securing-clusters-LDAP.html - you place them in an accessible web server and then use the user_bundles field in the advanced editor

(for bundles that all clusters would use I'd do this in the deployment template and then it's invisible during the creation process)

Thank you for the hint.

I added our bundle under user_bundles section.

   "user_bundles": [
        "name": "abc_synonyms",
        "url": "http://repository.xyz.com/elastic/synonyms.zip",
        "elasticsearch_version": "6.6.0"

As I understand it should be loaded from the webserver and unpacked automatically (?)

On my old Elasticsearch system I used the following filter in index settings:

   "filter": {
        "titel_synonyms": {
            "type": "synonym",
            "synonyms_path": "synonyms.txt"

Can I leave the synonyms_path unchanged in ECE?

How would I update an existing synonyms.txt file?
Have I to put the updated synonyms.txt as zip-archive on my webserver? Would it be automatically be reimported from webserver into ECE or how to trigger a reload?


Aside from the clunky use of a web-server (vs having an upload API), the format/usage etc of bundles is the same as described in the Cloud docs: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud/current/ec-custom-bundles.html#ec-prepare-custom-bundles ... so your example looks right (note I recommend using 6.* for the version since it makes upgrades from the UI easier)

Re-upload it to the web-server and then apply a "re-allocating no-op plan" from the UI:

  • (check your last plan attempt was successful)
  • Go to the advanced editor, and set reallocate_instances to true and check that the strategy is grow_and_shrink: {} or rolling_grow_and_shrink: {} and save

(Note this -also clunky- way of doing things is recognized to be a bug, we have an issue to improve it, eg so that a rolling restart would reimport the new file)


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