Where is the Custom plugins page (to upload synonyms)?

We've pepared azip-file with internal structure

└── dictionaries
    └── synonyms.txt

We can't find "Custom plugins page" for uploading the synonyms.txt which is described in the following URL:


Upload your files

You must upload your files before you can apply them to your cluster configuration:

Log into the Elasticsearch Service Console.
Go to the Custom plugins page. 

How to upload synonyms?


Assuming this is ECE, there is not currently an upload page (That's a cloud only feature, though we're working on bringing it across to ECE)

The process of adding a bundle to ECE is described in passing in the LDAP/SAML docs, eg https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud-enterprise/current/ece-securing-clusters-LDAP.html - you place them in an accessible web server and then use the user_bundles field in the advanced editor

(for bundles that all clusters would use I'd do this in the deployment template and then it's invisible during the creation process)

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Thank you for the hint.

I added our bundle under user_bundles section.

   "user_bundles": [
        "name": "abc_synonyms",
        "url": "http://repository.xyz.com/elastic/synonyms.zip",
        "elasticsearch_version": "6.6.0"

As I understand it should be loaded from the webserver and unpacked automatically (?)

On my old Elasticsearch system I used the following filter in index settings:

   "filter": {
        "titel_synonyms": {
            "type": "synonym",
            "synonyms_path": "synonyms.txt"

Can I leave the synonyms_path unchanged in ECE?

How would I update an existing synonyms.txt file?
Have I to put the updated synonyms.txt as zip-archive on my webserver? Would it be automatically be reimported from webserver into ECE or how to trigger a reload?


Aside from the clunky use of a web-server (vs having an upload API), the format/usage etc of bundles is the same as described in the Cloud docs: Upload custom plugins and bundles | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic ... so your example looks right (note I recommend using 6.* for the version since it makes upgrades from the UI easier)

Re-upload it to the web-server and then apply a "re-allocating no-op plan" from the UI:

  • (check your last plan attempt was successful)
  • Go to the advanced editor, and set reallocate_instances to true and check that the strategy is grow_and_shrink: {} or rolling_grow_and_shrink: {} and save

(Note this -also clunky- way of doing things is recognized to be a bug, we have an issue to improve it, eg so that a rolling restart would reimport the new file)


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