Can not upload synonyms file in the elastic cloud

Can you help me to upload synonyms and stop word files in cloud ? After doing some googling i found this this link, and successfully add a custom extension but i can not enable them for existing Elasticsearch deployments or enable them when creating new deployments . Based on this i should find a " Elasticsearch plugins and settings" option in my Edit Deployment page, but i didn't find this option in my deployment edit page .

Hi @aninda_halder

Please Follow these directions

If you need help with synonyms see here :

First Create and upload your bundle

Then Add it to your deployment

i did try that, but i can not find my extension in " Elasticsearch plugins and settings"

You put the wrong version in the bundle

  1. Complete the extension fields, including the Elasticsearch version.
  • Plugins must use full version notation down to the patch level, such as 7.10.1 . You cannot use wildcards. This version notation should match the version in your plugin’s file and the target deployment version.
  • Bundles should specify major or minor versions with wildcards, such as 7.* or * . Wildcards are recommended to ensure the bundle is compatible across all versions of these releases.

^^^ This you basically said only work for Elasticsearch 1.0.0 (does not exist) it is not your version it is the version of the deployments to work with.

I would use 7.* or just *

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Thank you very much . I didn't read that point -_- , I thought it should be the version of my extension .

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So did I the first time :wink:

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