Where is the index saved on disk?

Hello, I recently used the python toolkit elasticsearch to build a IR system on my server.
May I know the path where the index is saved on my disk? Thank you!

Look for data directory for your indices in the installation path.

Is there a reason why you're asking this?

  1. Find your cluster configuration file Elasticsearch.yml
  2. Find path.data parameters in this yml file;
  3. cd to this directory,assume that the parameter configuration is /path/data ,then: cd /path/data/nodes/0/indices
  4. here you can see indices folder,folders are named by index‘s uuid ,and you can use GET _cat/indices?v API to view index’s name and index's uuid

I want to look how my documents are exactly indexed, which terms does elasticsearch used for the example I used at this question

You should use the analyze API for that. Do not ever mess with the data on disk.


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