Re-index indices from disk after a re-installation


I would like to ask you, whether it's possible to re-read all the indices stored on disk, if we lost all kibana configuration? We had to install it from scratch, so no indexes available in Kibana and we have no idea, how the original indexes were configured.


I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Kibana stores its data in Elasticsearch (typically the .kibana index). Are you saying that you lost all of your indices in Elasticsearch, or do they exist there, but don't appear in Kibana anymore?

Hi Larry,

yes, I think, that we lost all indices in Elasticsearch. The data are physically on disk, but I cannot fetch them using elasticsearch commands. Ofc. consequently I cannot see them in Kibana. Is there a way, how the elasticsearch could re-check the data directory on disk?


Thanks for the clarification. Since that's the case, your best chance at finding an answer would be to ask this question in the Elasticsearch topic

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