Where to put file for ruby filter?

I have a pretty simple ruby filter that is using a CSV file as a reference for input while adding fields based on what was provided by the input. Keep in mind the csv file is not coming from input. My problem comes from logstash failing to send any data if I place the CSV file in the conf.d directory or in /etc/logstash/. I saw a stackoverflow user mention that adding files to conf.d will mess up how logstash parses the directory for configurations. That makes sense. Does the same apply to the actual logstash directory? My issue boils down to Logstash failing if I place any file in /etc/logstash/ or in /etc/logstash/conf.d/, but when I use an absolute path to the CSV file in any directory outside of logstash the error changes to Ruby not being able to find the file or directory. That leads me to believe permissions are at play here.

Here is the error for when the CSV file sits inside conf.d or logstash/

[ERROR][logstash.licensechecker.licensemanager] Unable to retrieve license information from license server {:message=>"undefined local variable or method `bad_response_error' for #<LogStash::LicenseChecker::LicenseReader:0x2bd26712>", :class=>"NameError"}

It was a permissions issue. The filter worked when I threw the CSV in a directory owned by root. Still doesn't solve my curiosity of how throwing the CSV file into the logstash directory made logstash fail.

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