Which doesn't exists on any documents in the "jv-*" index pattern

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i am getting the following error message if i am trying to use a new field i have created today:

Filtering occus on the "geolocation.keyword" field, which doesn't exists on any documents in the "jv-*" index pattern. Choose a different field or index documents that contain values for this field.

The message pops up on controls visualization page.

I am sure that the geolocation field does exist in the most documents. Searching for them in kibana is not a problem. I have some other similar fields that has been created like this field and none of them made this problem.

How can i solve this?

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The error message is stating that the terms aggregation on the field geolocation.keyword provided zero results. This happens when none of the documents have values for the field.

Have you enabled the option Use time filter under the options tab?

What are the results of creating a data table that uses a terms aggregation on the field geolocation.keyword?

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Hi Nathan,
Use Time Filter is disabled.
Creating a data table as terms, i am getting correct results.

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Hi Nathan,

i can't explain why but i have created the control again and now it is also working again.
Weird. Still thank you for your efforts trying helping me :slight_smile:

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