Could not locate that index-pattern-field (id: @timestamp)

anyone can help me?
Error: Could not locate that index-pattern-field (id: @timestamp)
at FieldParamType.deserialize (
at Array.forEach ()
at AggConfig.setParams (
at new AggConfig (
at agg_configs_AggConfigs.createAggConfig (
at Array.forEach ()
at new agg_configs_AggConfigs (
at Object.createAggConfigs (

Hi @majidbarz Welcome to the community

Did you select the @timestamp field when you set up the index pattern?

Does your data have a @timestamp field?

Hi @stephenb, I install sof- elk. and I don't have any data but on this server , and when open kibana show me this error

Hi @majidbarz I don't know what "sof- elk." is ...

To answer you questions we are going to need more information.

Your index pattern is missing a field.

Which index pattern is it?

Did you go to index patterns and delete and re-create the index pattern as I have shown?

How was this data ingested? Filebeat, Logstash? Did you do it?

Can you run in the Dev Tools the following command and provide the output formatted aith the </> button?

GET _cat/indices?v

If you want our help you are going to need to provide more information.

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