Which installation is better for production

hi, I want to run ELK 8.11 on production environment on oracle linux VMs, Which type of installation is preferred for production environment? RPM based or Archive based?

Also, can we use another user apart from "root" for elasticsearch installation?

any advice is appreciated

Both are suitable for production use, it's up to you which one you prefer.

You need to be root to install a RPM I think, but when Elasticsearch is running it won't be root (in fact it will refuse to start if you try and use root).

Thank you, you mean that when we install using rpm by root, for starting and stopping of elasticsearch we can use another user? what kind of permission would the other user need (like elasticsearch_user)?

Not a lot really, mainly just read/write access to the data path.

If you use the defaults configurations for the path.data you does not need to change anything, the permissions will be all set.

But if you use a different path data for example, you need to make sure that the elasticsearch user can write and read on this path.

thank you

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