Which node ip address should I specify in Multi-Node elasticsearch cluster to store data into an elasticsearch index?

Hii.I am creating a Multi-Node Elasticsearch Cluster.I will collect logs from different server's using filebeat and store them into an elasticsearch index.I am little bit confuse that which elasticsearch node ip address should I specify in "filebeat.yml" to send data to elasticsearch.Should I specify the ip address of master node or ip address of data node.This is my setup:-

1.) 3 Master Nodes of elasticsearch
2.) 2 Data nodes of elasticsearch
3.) 1 Filebeat Instance
4.) 1 Kibana instance

Are they dedicated masters? If so use the data nodes. Filebeat will accept multiple entries in the output field.

The events are distributed to these nodes in round robin order. If one node becomes unreachable, the event is automatically sent to another node.

Hii @warkolm .Thanks for your reply. Yes they are dedicated master node's.Ok.I will specify ip address of data node in filbeat.yml file.

Hii @rugenl.Thanks for your reply.Thanks for sharing this knowledge with me

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