To which IP (in cluster of 6 nodes) my Application will send request to index data in elasticsearch

We have a cluster of 3 Master and 3 Data nodes. All nodes have IP addresses. To which IP my Application will send request to index data.

Whichever nodes you wish.

BTW why do you have dedicated master nodes for a small cluster like this?

Thanks for you reply. Don't we need dedicated master for such clusters?
Secondly, if I choose one master node IP and that nodes is no more accessible then?
Thirdly If I use IP of one data node, can it index data?
Forth all nodes will be listening on different ports like 9301, 9302,9303,9304,9305,9306?

I don't think so.

Keep all default values and every node will be master eligible.

Not sure I understood.

What??? Do you mean to run all nodes on the same machine?

Oh Thanks, my nodes are different so i can use 9200 on all nodes.

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