IP expose stratigy of Elasticsearch cluster

I‘ve setup a cluster which contains 3 master node and 3 data node. They are:

  1. master node
  2. master node
  3. master node
  4. data node
  5. data node
  6. data node

Now, I want to send a request to the cluster, for example: I'd like to check the cluster healthy. My question is: which IP should I use to send the request? Is there any rule for send request?

You can send it to whatever node but I'd probably target one of the master elligible nodes.

I wonder though if you really need 3 dedicated master nodes for only 3 data nodes.

Thanks a lot @dadoonet.

I set 3 dedicated master for high availability. Would you have any suggestion for high availability?

Just build a cluster of 3 nodes. With all default roles.

Do you mean not to configure 'node.master' and 'node.data' ?

Yes. Just change settings which are needed, no more.
I mean with a 3 data node cluster. It's a different story if you have let's say a 10-15+ nodes cluster.

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