How to request an Elasticsearch cluster?

Hello folks,

I am building an Elasticsearch sluter with 3 nodes named 'node-i' where i=1,2 or 3.
With a java or javascript client I want to request my data but I don't know which nodes to specify. Do you know how to do that ?


Anyone you wish or all of them.

If you know their IP addresses whatever their node is, then just use that.

Ok but if i want to request my cluster to search something. Do I only have to send the request to a node among the cluster to get the response ? but if yes, if the node requested is down...i will get an error
I don't know if it is clear what I am asking..

It's the responsability of the client to detect it and route the operations to nodes which are still alive.

Or you can use a load balancer in front of the cluster which will do a similar job.

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