Which part in the code controls the chart's size when drag the visualization in the dashboard

(WangZhibo) #1

Hello,I'm Bob,here is my question:
dragging before:

dragging after:
kibana version:4.1.2
I want to know which folder or file is in charge of adjusting the chart‘s size when draged.Thank you for your help.

(Jon Budzenski) #2

The closest is probably this one. Kibana uses gridster for handling dashboard visualizations.

(WangZhibo) #3

Thank you Jon! My boss ask me to add new chart to kibana plugin , and I imitated bar chart according meitric_vis. But the result is that new chart can't resize when I save the visualization and show it in dashboard.Just like the screenshot I show.

(Jon Budzenski) #4

Sorry I don't think I'm following. It can't resize in what way, are you expecting more data to show? Visualizations also have a resize checker here.

(WangZhibo) #5

Here is the problem I can't solve.
First: I added bar chart imitate metric_vis.

Second: I drag the window, but bar chart can't resize to match window's size.

I'm a new one studying kibana. Can you help me how to change the code, or offer me referenced resource to add new visualization in kibana plugins .

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