Font size issue in kibana


I have created a vertical bar chart in visualization and when presenting it in dashboard how to make sure that the value such that it remains constant in each of the bars rather the value getting displayed when clicking on the bar

Hi Sudi,

You mean why you need to hover mouse to see the bar value ?
Actually I found it very neat, but I do not think if fixing caption on each bar is possible in even latest version of Kibana . I am using Kibana 5.5.1 and I have to hover my mouse to the bar to see the count . Even sometime I found one new feature very handy under panel setting you will see one option called Grid and under this you will see y-axis lines by default "Don't show" Option is applied but you can change it to "LeftAxis-1" and you will see something like below.

You see lines have been added , I am sure this is not what you need but at-least with this we got some idea what the value is .


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