Which tool must be installed

(anas) #1

I want to monitor tomcat machine, so i have to monitor JMX, Log and CPU.

I have to install three tools logstash (JMX), topbeat(CPU), filebeat (log file) in this machine?

(ruflin) #2

That sounds like the right choice. It sounds like you have some concerns here?

(Steffen Siering) #3

I'd say it depends on information you are interested in. You could also add packetbeat to monitor HTTP-traffic and database connections on network layer.

(anas) #4

Yes, add three application in the production machine can add other stability or performance problems.

(anas) #5

We use Tomcat with AJP load balancer so packetbeat it's not compatible with AJP protocol

(ruflin) #6

The reason I asked as we also discussed this in the past. I'm curious what is your main concern out of the following (or add your own):

  • Installing 3 binaries
  • Configuring 3 apps
  • Updating 3 apps
  • Resource usage
  • ...

Would it be ok if it would be only 1 binary with 3 processes?

(Steffen Siering) #7

AJP is another protocol not supported by packetbeat. Feel free to create a protocol request on github.com/elastic/beats or (if you are adventerous) create a PR.

(system) #8