Best Beat for Apache Tomcat Log with dashboard in Kibana

Which is the best beat for configuring the apache tomcat logs to get parsed using kibana . I have tried with filebeat, metricbeat(jolokia - but no dashboards :frowning: ) but nothing was successfull.
Request to advise!


Hi @vishnuduttpv,

The proper beat to collect logs is filebeat. You can configure a log input with the paths to your logs. This will be enough to collect the logs, but not to parse them, for that you'd need to configure an ingest pipeline.

Hi @jsoriano ,
I was using the filebeat for the log shipping. But in kibana there was no suitable dashboards. Is there any beats that is having the default dashboards for the tomcat.
Previously I was using the jmxproxybeat for the tomcat. But currently its not available for the new ES version :frowning:

Yes, we currently don't have dashboards or modules for Tomcat :frowning:

For metrics, you can try to use the Jolokia module of metricbeat, this is a generic solution to monitor Java applications. It needs Jolokia installed as an agent in your Tomcat, and then you need to configure the mappings for the metrics you want to collect. You can read more about this in this blogpost.

Yes! I am using the jolokia module in the metricbeat. But I am in trouble, as there is no dashboard visualization for the jolokia module in kibana.
Whether there is any dashboard available for the jolokia module of metric beat in KIBANA?
: -(
Request to advice

The Jolokia module is quite customizable, users can decide what metrics to collect and what names to use for the fields in the events. This makes it difficult to create prebuilt Kibana dashboards, and we don't have anyone at the moment. You can in any case build your own visualizations and dashboards for the metrics you collect.

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