Kibana & Jolokia


I am using Jolokia to get metrics from a Tomcat installed on a Sun Solaris Server.
I would like to know if I can easily build dashboards with Kibana 4 or if it is better to use an other solution such as Grafana.


Hi @medley,

in order to visualize the metrics in Kibana, they have to be stored in Elasticsearch first. There is quite a variety of ways to achieve that given your description:

Once your metrics have been stored in Elasticsearch it should be easy to create a diverse set of visualizations.

If you don't already have an older version of the Elastic Stack installed, which your cannot update, I would strongly recommend starting with the newest version 5.2.1 of Kibana.

I just saw that metricbeat will gain a native Jolokia module in one of the upcoming releases.

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