How to create dashboard for tomcat using metricbeat?

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We have lots of module web-server like Apache, nginx and more but i am looking for tomcat and i want to view Tomcat up-time, CPU, JVM memory, Threads Status, online number of connection, how this is possible for Apache tomcat ?

Hi @Aftab_Ali and welcome :slight_smile:

Metricbeat currently doesn't have a module for Apache Tomcat, but you can use the Jolokia JMX module to collect the metrics you want from the service. For that you will need to install and configure the Jolokia agent in your Tomcat and add the mappings to the metricbeat configuration. You can read more about this option in this blogpost.

Once you are collecting the metrics, you can create your own dashboard in Kibana.

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Thanks for the reply, I will configure it :grinning:

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