Which visualization should i choose for displaying Host.version

i am want to display host confirmation i dashboard
like cpu count, total memory , host.os.version . which visualisation should i choose . as all require aggregate function but . these are not .
and more over for my rhel server i dont see host.os.build does not exist .

Have you seen System module | Metricbeat Reference [8.8] | Elastic?

thanks for the reply . i enabled system module and collecting add_host_metadata.
question is,

  1. which visualization to be used to display server version / timezone . as those are not visualization
  2. why my host.os.build metric

cpu count, total memory , host.os.version these are more or less static in nature . which graph/datatable to use without aggregation

Maybe try a table.

currently i am doing the group by and max of in table .
just want to know any other visualization to display just show non null last value of the field for example for number of
cpu cores

You can use a terms agg on the host field and then a top hits one to get the latest value.

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