Which volumes of beats should I mount under docker swarm?

I have a custom image for filebeat and metricbeat. So every time when they restart, filebeat setup and metricbeat setup will run before filebeat and metricbeat.

I wonder which folders I should mount under a named volumn in order to avoid duplicate actions.

I know that data folder for firebeat should be mount or there will be duplicated logs.

Should I mount data for metricbeat as well? Should I mount kibana for both metricbeat and filebeat. There is no doc out there about this, or at least I haven't found them.

Thank you all.

Hi @UchihaYuki

Take a look at the directory layout: Directory layout | Metricbeat Reference [8.1] | Elastic

You need to make sure the data folder persists container restarts/recreation.

That goes for Filebeat and Metricbeat, they use this folder to persist any state they need.

Thank you. Got it.

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