Whitelist processes in Uncommon Processes


I don't want to see processes that are legitimate. Is it possible to whitelist processes so that they don't appear in the uncommon processes?

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@bmbrit are you asking about the "Uncommon Processes" view for a host/s? If so, you can add a filter to the page. The concept of whitelisting wouldn't apply here, as that is just showing what is potentially uncommon, and bubbling it up to the user in a dedicated view.


Thanks for your response, @jamesspi

I was under the impression that the "Uncommon Processes" view for the Host/s can be whitelisted under the "Administration => Trusted Application".

We are seeing applications (our own product) that I want to whitelist and do not want to see in the uncommon process. As our clients, get a little confused to see why the products application process to be seen in "Uncommon Processes".

Anyway, I misrelated these two terms "Uncommon Process" and "Trusted Applications". Hope I can explain them better.

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Thanks for clarifying @bmbrit .

Trusted applications refers to our our Endpoint Security integration for Elastic Agent. Any trusted application added will get ignored by the Endpoint Security integration, specifically for Malware detection/prevention.

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