Why Am I getting this Error Message In My Advanced Job

I am attempting to create a Machine Learning advanced job. I have selected the high_count function, my by_field_name is calltype.keyword and my over_field is agency.keyword. I use sector.keyword as an influencer. When I attempt to save the job I get this error message:
Save failed: [illegal_argument_exception] [calltype] is defined as an object in mapping [doc] but this name is already used for a field in other types

I don't understand why I am seeing this. calltype is only defined one time as the by_field. Any help would be appreciated.

I figured out the problem. I had not selected to use a dedicated index. After selecting that option the job built and ran. But that begs another question. By using that dedicated index how much of my resources are being used. The index for my data has over a million records. Am I now creating another index with a million duplicate records?

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