Why can't metric UI use apm metric data?

I did not deploy metricbeat. I saw that the apm agent collects some basic indicators (CPU, memory) of the system, I set the Metrics indices to "apm-*-metric-*", but the page did not show the results.
Is there something wrong with my operation?


ver: 7.12.0

Hi @wajika

The metrics from the apm agent are not showing up in the pod metrics inventory because the kubernetes metrics are pulled from the metricbeat / agent and use a specific namespace for the pod metrics. See Here

Also did you actually create the apm-* index pattern it is not created for you.


CPU Usage Average of kubernetes.pod.cpu.usage.node.pct .
Memory Usage Average of kubernetes.pod.memory.usage.node.pct .
Inbound Traffic Derivative of the maximum of kubernetes.pod.network.rx.bytes scaled to a 1 second rate.
Outbound Traffic Derivative of the maximum of kubernetes.pod.network.tx.bytes scaled to a 1 second rate.

You can look at the metrics you are interested in the Metrics Explorer though or in Lens.

Example you can see the Metrics From the Java APM Agent Here.


System metrics

Host metrics. As of version 6.6, these metrics will be visualized in the APM app.

For more system metrics, consider installing metricbeat on your hosts.


type: scaled_float

format: percent

The percentage of CPU time in states other than Idle and IOWait, normalised by the number of cores.


type: scaled_float


JVM Metrics

JVM-specific metrics


type: long

format: bytes

The amount of used heap memory in bytes

So if you Go To Metrics Explorer You can see them there

Here is what it looks like in Lens (this is 7.15 so a bit newer but you should be able to do this in 7.12)

Hope This Helps!

I found results in Metrics Explorer.

The kubernetes.pod.* fields must be generated by metricbeat.
We will not deploy metricbeat for the time being. I don’t need much data.
Do you plan to add service performance indicators(cpu usage and memory usage) to apm metric?

If there are cpu usage and memory usage data, then apm metric page data can be more abundant.

Why are there cpu usage and memory usage in the service map? But I didn’t find it on the apm metric page.

I am confused on the image / post before you showed the picture of CPU and Memory on the APM Metrics page, so I am unclear what you are asking.

Looks like you are using .NET Here are the list of collected metrics

If you would like additional metrics on the APM Metrics Page please open a feature request, this seems like a good request. (I am more Java Centric and there are a lot more metrics on that screen)

In the meantime you can create a dashboards with lens visualizations with any of the .NET metrics available.

I mean, since there are cpu usage and memory usage data on the service map page, why can’t it be displayed on the apm metrics page? Which is the position of the red frame in the picture.

Similar to the picture:

Apologies but I am still unclear.

Are you concerned that the label "CPU Usage" does not show up in the legend or the overall single Average metric over the entire timespan is not on the metrics page?

On the service map It's a single aggregate value over the time range of the service map like you show the Avg CPU over 24 hours.

On the metrics page it's time series data, Not a single average of the entire time frame.

The "Why" Is that it is just not implemented that way today, and that's why I suggest that you open a feature request describing exactly what you like to see.

Here is the repo.

Uh, okay.
Thank you for your reply.