Why Certain watchers are disabled

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Please find the attached screenshot and please let me know how to enable the default available watchers in kibana

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By default, when you add a watch it is immediately set to the active state, registered with the appropriate trigger engine, and executed according to its configured trigger.

You can also set a watch to the inactive state. Inactive watches are not registered with a trigger engine and can never be triggered.

To set a watch to the inactive state when you create it, set the active parameter to inactive . To deactivate an existing watch, use the deactivate watch API. To reactivate an inactive watch, use the activate watch API.


PUT _watcher/watch/<watch_id>/_activate

This API enables you to activate a currently inactive watch.

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You can look at the kibana logs to see why those watches were disabled. Logs would help.

No My question is , there are certain watchers which are in READ ONLY mode how can we enable them

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