Why curator_cli is not supporting aws_sign_request option?

Looks like curator_cli is not supporting aws_sign_request option, why?

$ curator_cli --version
curator_cli, version 5.5.4

$ curator_cli
Usage: curator_cli [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --config PATH       Path to configuration file. Default: ~/.curator/curator.yml
  --host TEXT         Elasticsearch host.
  --url_prefix TEXT   Elasticsearch http url prefix.
  --port TEXT         Elasticsearch port.
  --use_ssl           Connect to Elasticsearch through SSL.
  --certificate TEXT  Path to certificate to use for SSL validation.
  --client-cert TEXT  Path to file containing SSL certificate for client auth.
  --client-key TEXT   Path to file containing SSL key for client auth.
  --ssl-no-validate   Do not validate SSL certificate
  --http_auth TEXT    Use Basic Authentication ex: user:pass
  --timeout INTEGER   Connection timeout in seconds.
  --master-only       Only operate on elected master node.
  --dry-run           Do not perform any changes.
  --loglevel TEXT     Log level
  --logfile TEXT      log file
  --logformat TEXT    Log output format [default|logstash|json].
  --version           Show the version and exit.
  --help              Show this message and exit.

  alias             Add/Remove Indices to/from Alias
  allocation        Shard Routing Allocation
  close             Close Indices
  delete_indices    Delete Indices
  delete_snapshots  Delete Snapshots
  forcemerge        forceMerge Indices (reduce segment count)
  open              Open Indices
  replicas          Change Replica Count
  restore           Restore Indices
  rollover          Rollover Index associated with Alias
  show_indices      Show Indices
  show_snapshots    Show Snapshots
  shrink            Shrink Indices to --number_of_shards
  snapshot          Snapshot Indices

$ curator_cli --aws_sign_request
Error: no such option: --aws_sign_request

$ curator_cli --aws-sign-request
Error: no such option: --aws-sign-request

It should if you build a curator.yml client file definition and use that with curator_cli. The next major release of Curator should also have these available at the command-line.

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