Why does Logstash's https communication work without OpenSSL?

I'm running logstash using docker on CentOS7.

Openssl is not installed on CentOS 7 and docker containers.

However, logstash input https communication is working.

Why is this?

Does logstash include openssl functionality?

A logstash install is generally self-sufficient. It will bundle all the code it needs to be able to function. A typical logstash install will include at least three sets of encryption code, and they may use different offerings from JVM vendors (for seemingly random reasons until you look into it).

That said, OpenSSL is not Netty, which is not BouncyCastle. There are many TLS implementations. If you are in a situation where you must know which vendor you are using then build it from source and see what dependencies are pulled, since you will likely need to know which version of that vendor's source you are using.

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Thank you for your reply.

Your answer was very helpful!
thanks so much!

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