Why does translate not work here?

We would like to prioritize log messages of type WARN if they have a certain category.
So we receive {"type": "WARN", "category": "DefaultEmailService", "priority": 2}
and would like to output: {"type": "WARN", "category": "DefaultEmailService", "priority": 3}

The following works fine:

if [category] == "DefaultEmailService" and [type] == "WARN" {
	mutate { update => {"priority" => 3} }

We think however that we may have many such rules and that translate would be more elegant:

if [type] == "WARN" {
	translate {
		field => "category"
		destination => "priority"
		dictionary => {
			"DefaultEmailService" => 3

This does not update the priority field to 3 however. Why not?


Try setting the override flag to true as the destination field already exists in the document.

Yep, that did it thanks!

I guess I should RTM :slight_smile:

Just noticed that translate does not like comments inside the dictionary.

The following totally craps out:

dictionary => {
	"DefaultEmailService" => 3     # Email not sent is an error
	"BcpSapPricingBackendERP" => 1 # Ignore

:ConfigurationError", :message=>"Expected one of #, {, } at ...

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