Why doesn't simple_query_string accept a type parameter?

Why does the query_string query allow use with cross_fields while the simple_query_string query does not? I need either to have access to cross_fields in simple_query_string or access to something like flags in query_string.

For more context, I'm working on implementing an end user facing search. It seems like simple_query_string is a gift, in that it gives us features like exact matching with quotes and negative matching, but allows us to disable some of the other features that could be expensive (regex) or use characters that end users expect to be interpreted literally (+ when searching for c++). However, the semantic that we want is for all of the parts of the users query to appear in some field. This seems to me to be exactly default_operator: AND with type:cross_fields, but type is not supported on simple_query_string. My first reaction was to retreat back to query_string and try to lock it down so that the more advanced features wouldn't come up, but query_string does not support flags, so I'm not sure how to do that.

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