Why ElasticSearch was written in Java?

I am exploring other languages than Java. What I have learnt till date is that there is no silver bullet to solve each kind of use case and one needs to choose a language on the basis of what problem they are trying to solve .

What triggered this question were these two blog posts:

The first version of ElasticSearch was released in 2010, and there has to be a reason why Java was chosen for it.

Follow up question: What other language would be better performing for ElasticSearch if it was to be rewritten today? Would GoLang be a better choice than Java?

Hi Piyush,
Putting aside the pros and cons of Java as a language, a simplistic answer would be "because the core library on which elasticsearch depends (Lucene) is written in Java"

Thanks for your reply Mark. One additional question, though I am not sure you will have an answer for me but I'll ask anyway, why the core library (Lucene) was written in Java? Wasn't C or C++ a better choice for such a core piece of software as C/C++ are closer to machine language as compared to Java?

Doug Cutting was the original creator of Lucene (and later, Hadoop).
He said this of the decision to use Java for Hadoop:

"Java offers a good compromise between developer productivity and runtime performance. Developers benefit from a simple, powerful, type-safe language with a wide range of high quality libraries. Performance is generally good enough"


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