Why install metricbeat 6.4.0, can't find the modules.d folder?

I'd has issue about metricbeat 6.4.0, I installed and that's missing modules.d folder and as 6.3.x is worked.
does anyone report that?


I just tried to download Metricbeat 6.4.0 for Mac OS X and there is a modules.d directory. How did you install Metricbeat?

Hi Ruflin,
Thanks your reply, my environment is CentOS 7.4 and using yum repository installation, my colleague has same issue too.


I found those files are at /usr/share/metricbeat/module and I can sync file to /etc/metricbeat and will solve my issue.


@jerrywang1974 I successfully replicated this on my end. This seems to be a bug. Could you open an issue on Github for it?

Sounds like we potentially already have a fix for it which will be shipped in 6.4.1: https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/8078

Thanks Ruflin, That's good and appreciate.

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