How to list modules

I'm looking at the documentation here:

When I try to list modules as outlined I get this error:

metricbeat2017/10/30 07:46:06.540846 beat.go:346: CRIT Exiting: error loading config file: stat metricbeat.yml: no such file or directory

Note: The service itself starts fine.


Hi @dawiro,

It looks like some files are not in place, could you please explain the install process you followed?

I installed the 5.6.3 deb package

modules subcommand was introduced in 6.0, so it's not available on 5.6.3.

Modules instructions for your version are located at (notice the version select dropdown in the menu).

If you want to give the new layout a try you can download our latest RC version, just take into account it's not yet a stable release, so it's not recommended for production :slight_smile:

Best regards

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