Why is dicuss website not rendering properly

Don't know if this is right for this fora, but I've for a long time now have issues rendering this elastic discuss website in various browsers on various OSes, but f.ex. not in similar OS+browser on a home computer.

Anyone else having issue rendering a readable/usefull version of discuss as well and might have an idea for a culpit?


Could you share a screenshot?


Thinking it may be an issue with the FW @ work, since my work labtop work when at home
and then again, running at home it works even when I'm using the company VPN just as when I'm at work...
Will try to check with Safari Inspector on monday and possible discuss with company network admins...

If you could check with dev tools which resources are actually blocked...

Seems it's our company's URL vetting solution that somehow breaks presented SSL certificates :slight_smile:

Will have to dwell some more into to this through our security dept....

Just speculating here, might it be an issue with DNSSEC signatures for involved domains, as I think we might use DNSSEC resolvers from CSIS...


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Turned out that our DNSSEC resolvers (CSIS) had False-Positive in it's dns blacklist :slight_smile:


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