Why is my Logstash plugin PR being ignored


I submitted a PR to the mutate filter in the beginning of the year. I've signed the CLA and GitHub shows that the PR can be merged. I've also asked for feedback on the PR on why it hasn't been merged yet, but I've received no feedback.

What's up? Is there anything else I can / should do?


Sorry for the delay. We get a lot of PRs that needs testing, reviewing, so sometimes they slip off our radar. Thanks for pinging here. We'll review this tomorrow US time.

What happened to the Friday pull request cleanup that you used to have? Are they still on?

@magnusbaeck they are still on


I also have the feeling, that my pull requests are ignored. I invested quite a bit of time to put them together and to add tests (if there were already tests existing).

What is the best way to get feedback or to get the pull request merged?
Most disappointing are the cases, where my pull request is more than 3 weeks old, without feedback, but now it is not able anymore to merge with master due to conflicts.

For me the following PRs are important:

And the new one of today:

Please, I am willing to help and to contribute, but without feedback and progress this becomes tiring and I get demotivated.

Kind regards,

Apologize for the delays in the past, but welcome to community maintainership! :slight_smile: