Why is no warmup defined in event-data-track challenge elasticlogs-querying

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist / @danielmitterdorfer,

I made quite some tests with the event-data-track.

My testrun was like the following:

When I check the service time of kibana queries during elasticlogs-querying I can see a massive spike at the beginning.

The image shows the service time of the 1st three iterations of elasticlogs-querying.

For me it looks like some warmup issue which occurs after massive writing. (maybe disk cache by OS?).

I just want to ask, why the warmup period is explicitly set to 0.

      "parallel": {
        "warmup-time-period": 0,
        "time-period": 1800,
        "clients": 4,
        "tasks": [
            "operation": "relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_50%",
            "target-interval": 30
            "operation": "relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_75%",
            "target-interval": 90
            "operation": "relative-kibana-traffic-dashboard_50%",
            "target-interval": 40
            "operation": "relative-kibana-discover_50%",
            "target-interval": 60

Is there a deeper meaning behind that? What is it? I just would like to understand the decision :wink:

Regards, Andreas

If I remember correctly I explicitly set it that way as I wanted to see all data points. As you correctly point out having a short warmup might have been a good idea.

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