Why is segment not merged when deleted over 33%?

We have an ES v7.10 instance, and every config about merge is default.
Now we have a segment, which include 37% deleted doc (docs.count=6513192,docs.deleted=3902050), the segment is now 4.8gb, and it's not merged for about an hour.
I've checked my index settings and here are some of them:

"max_merge_at_once" : "10",
"max_merged_segment" : "5gb",
"expunge_deletes_allowed" : "10.0",
"segments_per_tier" : "10.0",
"deletes_pct_allowed" : "33.0"

Deleted doc in segments is already over "deletes_pct_allowed", and the segment is not merged.
I haven't tried forcemege because I do want to know about auto merge policy.
Am I missing something?

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