Why Reindex API is not storing events with latest datetime?

Hi Experts,

I want to reindex my static Index . Here Static means it will get new data only after a month , so for the whole month I want to reindex on daily basis using Curator , so that I can display data in kibana for past 24 hours only . The problem Which I am facing is ,after reindex I still see this index on the date when it was originally created .

My assumption for reindex was is , @timestamp will automatically change to current date .Can someone suggest me how I can achieve this as i want to show this on Kibana dashboard on daily basis ?


I'm not able to follow your use case description here:

Can you please explain this more thoroughly? Perhaps share your curator action file to help show what you're trying to do?

Sorry for late reply , Actually I want to prepare a dashboard which display data for past 24 hours . Problem here is some of the panels of this dashboard is blank because the index from which it pickup the data is 10 days old .

Now to cope up with this situation I want to re-index that old index so that I can see data on the dashboard for past 24 hours.I want to achieve this with curator + reindex API, but unfortunately it did not work .


How will reindexing make the data from 10 days ago suddenly be from the past 24 hours? I don't follow your logic here. Reindexing won't change the date field to magically be from the last 24 hours.

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