Why there is a unassigned shard

my cluster has a unassigned shard and i run this command:

it gives below:
"unassigned": [
"node": null,
"unassigned_info": {
"reason": "INDEX_CREATED",
"at": "2016-05-13T02:40:36.058Z"
"index": ".node_monitor-2016.05.13",
"relocating_node": null,
"state": "UNASSIGNED",
"shard": 0,
"version": 2,
"primary": false

why there is a unassigned shard and it keeps stay unassigned?

Check your master logs, it should mention something.

found it.
is there plan to make it more easy to get like some info in each unassigned shard?

Yeah, there is an API call coming in v5 to help with that :slight_smile: