Why "View single document" is "button" tag in HTML and not a "a" tag with URL?

Hi all!

  1. Why in Kibana version 8.1.2 the "View single document" document view is implemented via the button tag? This is extremely inconvenient, since I would like to open documents in a new tab by clicking the mouse wheel.

HTML example:

  1. There is also Kibana version 7.9, there "View single document" implementation through the a tag

HTML example:

What could be the reason for this and what are the options for solving the problem other than upgrading to version 8.4?

Wow this is interesting. @matw any inputs?


Hi @bryancev
You're very right about that "View single document" should be a link. in your first example the "" element is of type "button", which on top of the wrong usage in this case totally makes no sense. So thank you for your input. Sadly we can't backport this change. So the only way to fix it would be to upgrade.

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