Why we need to use saved searches in kibana?

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Hi Team,

please explain why we need to use saved searches in kibana?
what is the difference if we use the saved search vs search pattern in visualization.
Please let me know how is it going to impact the performance

Thanks in advance

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Are you referring to the performance difference between using a saved search as the basis for a visualization, as opposed to typing the same search filter into the filter/query bar? There is no performance difference, it's just a convenient feature.

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Thanks for reply,

yes, I am referring the same.
where are we going to get the advantage of saved search, please let us know.

(Brandon Kobel) #4

Just to be clear, we're talking about the following option which is high-lighted below?

Using this doesn't give you a performance improvement, it's only a convenient feature when you want to reuse a saved search that you've already created in the Discover application.

(rajkumar) #5

Yes, correct
I am trying to understand when we open a visualization how is the saved search impacting the performance of dashboard.
when we are creating visualizations we can do 2 ways,
one way is to create a search and save it. In the visualization creation screen, we can select as you have mentioned above.
the other way is you can do a search there it self in visualization by selecting only Index on the above screen.

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Both ways have the same performance.

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Thanks for the clarification !!

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