"Wide" cluster

I wonder if multinode cluster has any limitations with geographical localization of nodes (mainly master). Is it possible (and efficient) to install 3 master nodes in e.g London, NY and Sydney respectively and connect them to 1 cluster? Is it any limitations for such approach, e.g in licenses or something else?
Also add to it several data nodes - is it important where they are? I think that they should be "close" to master node but I'd like to be sure.


Nodes in an Elasticsearch requires low latencies and good throughput between the nodes, so deploying clusters distributed across regions in that way is not supported and likely to cause all sorts of problems.

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Adding to this that we are working on Cross Data Center Replication so we will support such a thing in the future.

So, it's possible but highly unrecommended? No obstacles to do that?

And "the future" means?....

What is the use-case? What are you looking to achieve with this set-up?

1 cluster for customers spread all over the world....

Can you describe the use-case? Is it read-heavy? Is it write-heavy? What data volumes are we talking about? Will all regions hold a copy of all data?

Now it's only theoretical question: is it possible or not. Looking in your answers: yes. Right?

Possible? Maybe in theory. In reality it is however definitely not recommended as you are likely to suffer from cluster instability and poor performance.

Good to know - thanks

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