WIFI NIC Blocked by Elastic Agent

I have installed elastic agent on my windoes 10, but the wifi NIC is not working and I can't connect to wifi, but I uninstalled elastic agent and the wifi NIC is working and the wifi is working, what is the reason for this problem and how do I troubleshoot and solve it?

Hi @xqaiviwjxzw
Do you have Elastic Endpoint installed and running on that Windows box?
Elastic Agent and Endpoint software do not work on NIC level and do not block specific NICs. We haven't seen reports about our software blocking NICs so far. This error looks like hardware error. Is it possible to update the NIC's driver and re-test?

To better understand the problem, could you collect the following information about the computer environment and share with us?

  1. the computer's system information file (Type in Cortana search bar "System Information"->Click into "System Information" App->Click "File" menu->"Save..."->choose a file name and save it as .nfo file)
  2. event logs(Search "Event Viewer" and click into the app->Windows Logs->Right click "Application"->"Save All Events As..." to save the application log; then right click "System"->"Save All Events As..." to save the system log).

Meanwhile we'll try to obtain the mentioned NIC and test it in house.

Okay, thanks, we are continuing to watch and observe, if there are still findings, we will collect logs and send them to you, thank you.

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