Wild Card search for a URL not working

I have this URL:

http://myserver1:443/MyWebService/api/customer/{id}/getTime/{ value1}

http://myserver1:443/MyWebService/api/customer/123/getTime/350, http://myserver1:443/MyWebService/api/customer/456/getTime/351

If I try searching for "http://myserver1:443/MyWebService/api/customer//getTime/"...it doesn't return any data. Results = 0.

What am I doing wrong here ?

if the field you're searching on is not analyzed, see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/query-dsl-wildcard-query.html

so for example you should be typing in the Kibana search bar:


Still the same result. Result = 0.

You are putting the search string in quotes, so the * is being searched literally and not as a wild card.

So what it should be like ?