Wildcard query on text field

From a best practice and cautionary perspective, am I missing any other critical information I should be considering specific to a wildcard query on a text field? See bullets below.

  • I have reviewed the documentation in-depth and it is clear that wildcard queries are best suited for fields mapped as wildcard or keyword, however wildcard queries will work with fields mapped as text.
  • Wildcard queries on fields mapped as text limit matching of any wildcard expressions to individual tokens rather than the original whole value held in a field.
  • Wildcard queries will not be executed if search.allow_expensive_queries is set to false.
  • For performance reasons it is a best practice to avoid beginning patterns with wildcard operators (e.g. an asterisk or question mark).

What else do I need to consider? Am I missing something important?

I appreciate any feedback.

If your field is mapped as wildcard I do not think this applies.

Otherwise I think you got the summary right.

Thank you.

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