Wildcard search not working as intended

Hello, I am attempting to search my data to only show results for only three source ip ranges that is linked to action:drop but I am still seeing all source ips. Below are the several different search strings I've tried:

action:drop scrip:192.* scrip:10.* scrip:172.*
action:drop scrip:"192.*" scrip:"10.*" scrip:"172."
action:drop scrip:192.* OR scrip:10.* OR scrip:172.*

I've tried several other suggestions from researching online but still unable to only show results for the ip ranges in the search string.

Hi @Feedy,

If you just type that in the query bar, does it show you only results matching that ip pattern?

Hi Chris,

I don't get any results back when I just type that in the query bar.

Hi @Feedy,

If you type scrip:*, do you see any results?


I apologize Chris. In my original post I mistyped the field name. It should be srcip and not scrip. So with that being said... when I do type srcip:192.* OR srcip:10.* OR srcip:172.* it does show only results matching the ip pattern.

Okay, awesome! Sounds like you're all set!

well it only works if I have action:drop set as a filter. When I type the following in the query bar it shows other ip ranges: action:drop srcip:192.168.* OR srcip:10.* OR srcip:172.*

so the only way to make this work is by adding the action field as a set filter and not in the query bar?

What if you do:

action:drop AND (srcip:192.168.* OR srcip:10.* OR srcip:172.*)

Still shows all ip ranges

It seems to work for me. Are there any errors in the console? If not, can you look at the _msearch request in the network tab and paste the request body?

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