Wildcard search on fields using multi-match while not searching sub fields

We have a mapping that has different fields for different language analyzers. I've created a gist with a simplified version of it here: https://gist.github.com/nburt/cea693045ea0e81566d5b2a27b0e77e0

When we know the language we can query on "sourceEn" or "sourceEn.caseSensitive", however sometimes we need to search across all languages. My first thought was to use a multi match query with a wildcard, e.g. "source*" or "source*.caseSensitive".

For the first case of "source*" does the wildcard search across all subfields as well? We'd like for "source*" to only search the main field, "source*.caseSensitive" to search all case sensitive sub-fields, etc. Would that work or is there another way to accomplish this?


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